Flags and Flag Poles

The flag is a piece of cloth resembling rectangular shape with different colours that are used for symbolizing, identification or decoration. Mostly it is used as for National, religious, linguistic, civil and marine, relation, sport and diplomatic to convey a message, sign of unity or signal. However, flags are made of different materials depending either for outdoor or indoor purposes and its durability.

An outdoor flag is best if made from polyester material since it is excellent lifespan, resistance to wind and extreme weather conditions, retains colour for a long time and also has a better wicking ability. However, due to its high-density material, it requires a heavy breeze to fly, making it unsuitable for an indoor purpose.

Flags made from cotton material is only good internal use because it can’t resist extreme weather condition, wrinkles easily and it has a poor wick ability, thus making it expensive to maintain. However, if you want a very vibrant and rich coloured flag, it is good to settle on flags made from cotton material.

For both outdoor and indoor purposes, flags made from Nylon material since it can fly at the slightest breeze, shiny and thin making it more appealing at a distant, are made resistant to sun and also driers so fast. The only disadvantage with this flag is that due to its lightweight one should be mindful blowing it because it doesn’t require high breeze.


After acquiring the best flag, it is also good to consider the best support to hoist and display it. Flagpole made from aluminium metal is good because it can withstand corrosion, resistant to rust, affordable, lightweight, easy to install and requires zero maintenance. Hence, making it good for outdoor purpose. While flagpole made from fibreglass has the same properties of the aluminium pole, fibreglass flagpole has a major advantage over it, is that it is resistant to lighting, making it more secure than aluminium. However, flags made from Iron despite its higher resistance to wind and stability for an outdoor purpose, it is prone to rust, lightning and also expensive to install. It is advisable to use steels that are alloyed or coated with still to prolong its durability and resistance against rust instead of pure Iron.

Materials used for making flags and flagpoles should be prioritized to avoid mistakes while purchasing them. Thus it is good to consider the properties highlighted above.